30 June 2008

Quote for the Day - Responsibility

"No, Dad. It's your responsibility to make the chocolate milk."

Yes, Dad puts in much more chocolate syrup than Mom, and yes, we've been talking about responsibility.

02 June 2008

Shaggy Story - Batman and Superman

Little man is quite the storyteller. He could sit for hours looking at books or with his dinosaurs and tell very detailed, involved stories (and he's teaching his little brother to do the same thing - yeah!)

His favorite type of storytelling, though, is more interactive. My mom calls them Shaggy stories, and we each take turns telling a little bit of the story.

Today he suggested a story about Batman and Robin (big surprise - he's superhero crazy at the moment).

Starts with the setup:
I ask, "What story would you like to tell?"

"Batman and Robin are driving around in the Batmobile looking for bad guys and people to save"

I repeat what he says (he gets his storytelling abilities from his dad), and pass it back to him with "they're driving around, and they see..."

"Superman picking strawberries!"

I love this boy. The story went on from there. Many bad guys were caught, many people were rescued, all is well.