22 July 2007


I have tried to teach myself how to crochet since... well, very soon after I taught myself to knit. For some reason, I could not do it. Eight years. Completely blocked. But, now, consider me unblocked. I love crochet. I doubt it will ever replace knitting (my first love), but it is fun and goodness gracious - it goes so fast!! I finished one in two days, and am almost done with the second. No second slipper problems here.

For the first project, my man asked for these slippers (and he didn't even care what color, since they're for his feet!). As with my first knitting project, I'm using cotton. I found some Rowan DK in the stash - after abandoning some way-too-scratchy wool.

I've never used the DK before, but I really like the way it feels and looks. The stitches came out nice and even, until I stopped working in the round and went back and forth. Then, I got a little uneven. It couldn't possibly be because I'm working on these while laying down feeding the babe... I'm not too upset, because that's the part that goes under the insole, so no one will see (except me).

Oooh! I got invited to Ravelry too. It looks like fun.

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annie said...

I have been looking for a turkish slipper pattern online but couldn't find one, can u share your pattern with me, would love to crochet a pair or two for myself & hubby. Thanks.