24 August 2008

Little Man's Wisdom - My, How He's Grown

Little Man had a tough day on the bike yesterday. On the way to the Bike Rodeo at the Y, he took a tumble and scraped his leg up. We came back home, patched him up, and darned if he didn't ride his bike all the way back to the rodeo.*

He got his bike inspected by the bike shop mechanics, had his helmet adjusted to fit properly (bad mama), saw a demonstration with an egg about the importance of wearing said helmet, and rode the obstacle course about 10 times (with the proper hand signals). He had a blast.

On the way home, he fell again. As I came up to the scene of the accident, he was laying flat on his back, attempting to push the bike off of him with both feet, muttering "Oh, well, I'm okay. It wasn't too bad."

When I told him he did a great job getting back on the bike, he informed me: "Well, mom, that's just the nature of bike riding."

So wise.

* He has had this bike and ridden it on and off for two years. Before yesterday, he had fallen off it twice. On his first weekend riding it, he fell and wouldn't get back on it for over a year. About six months ago, he tried riding to the library, fell, and just started riding again about a month ago. So the quick recovery from two falls in one day is... priceless.


Megan said...

so sweet. and i'm often almost in tears when i see my kids really take a bite, then get right back on the horse- or bike, or whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

Such a cute story.

I apologize for sticking this comment on your blog, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. I sent you a PM on Ravlery inquiring about your stash of Grignasco Skipper, because I've run out of yarn and was wondering if you might be willing to sell one or more balls. I'm on Ravelry as jennielynn.