10 February 2007

Oh what a feeling!

The baby boy is feeling better, or at least his mood is improved. Little man still has a cold, but he's always the sweetest thing ever.

I was prowling around the yarn closet last night, and pulled out one of the (four - ouch) boxes of UFOs.


The cloche is made out of Blue Sky cotton

and this hat... is made out a very soft yarn. It's been years since I started it (shame, shame), and I set it down because it was puckering and I didn't know how to fix it. I can't find the original pattern, and I have a tendency to modify every pattern I use (which I vaguely remember doing with this one).

I'm not a big frogger in any case. I like the planning and starting out parts best (hence the four (ouch) boxes of UFOs).

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m.o.M. said...

Love those hats!

Good luck with your blog. Hang in there and just write whatever gibberish comes into your heart. It's for you to enjoy.

I struggle with mine, but it's a lot of fun!