14 February 2007

sweets for the sweet?

While I can sort of understand the connection between valentine's day and chocolate, I have to wonder when it became a second halloween! Little man went to his class yesterday and came home with a truckload of candy (okay, not exactly a truckload). There are eight other kids in his class and each of them (yes, I know it wasn't the kids) felt the need to give at least three pieces of candy. Not only candy, but pencils and stickers all bundled up in little gift bags. It was all I could do to get the cards for the other kids, and that I did the morning of class, scribbling in the names right outside the door!!!

Back to knitting...

I'm trying to stick to finishing some projects in February, but it is HARD. I keep jumping from ufo to ufo, which is obviously why nothing is getting done. I have been reading pattern books like mad, dreaming of the days when I can move on. Silly me.

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