09 February 2007

So so so so

]So one of the reasons I created this blog was so it could be a place to think and talk about knitting, since I don't seem to get to do that very often nowadays. Well, I think about it, but that's about it. I have two young sons, and they just suck up the time. In a good way, in a good way - there are times (read: today, yesterday...) when I have to remind myself of that.

My littlest man is very sick at the moment. Really, when hasn't he been sick? Nothing life threatening, thank God, except when he was in the hospital with pneumonia at three months. But it feels like it's one cold, flu, a bout of excema, another breathing problem after the next. He's so healthy looking though, and is generally such a happy little guy. He just doesn't know any different - it's always been something. Good lord, it's a pity party.

Not really talking about knitting here... I keep reading over my magazines and books, and planning new projects. Soon, soon, soon.

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