16 March 2007

happy happy happy

Happy birthday C!!!

I was so excited to be taking the man out to a yummy dinner, as originally requested, but he came home and just wants to go to a movie instead. Sigh. We had such plans before the kids: absolutely one date night every month, go here with them, do this with them. But the reality is we're worn out by the time the babe falls asleep (if he falls asleep... well, he always does eventually, but some nights are later than others). Last night we watched 1/2 a movie. Impressive.

I would never in a million years give them up or go back to life before, but sometimes, well, I remember the before fondly.

Knitting wise, Daisy's moving along; I've split the fronts and back and am almost done with that, then it's quick sleeves and we're done, done, done.

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