22 March 2007

A Stash Story

I love continuity. I love that I like the same colors over time. It turns out to be a very good thing. There will be more on that later.

First things first - I have stash. I have a lot of stash. Said lots-o-stash doesn't necessarily stop me from buying more yummy yarn, but I have really tried to tone it back in the last few years, and I have been, for the most part, successful (only one or two yarn-is-on-sale-so-I-have-to-get-it-now purchase).

When we moved two years ago, I reduced the stash some. I was able to disguise/camoflage the rest, so that when anyone asked, I was able to call it clothes, sweaters or kids toys. Then, I had a nesting phase in my last pregnancy, where I sold yarn to my knit group. I believe I brought 9 full (large) shopping bags of yarn - it covered (and then some) the large conference table we sit around; I sold 5, donated 2 to a friend who knits for a local children's shelter (Encore=washable), and still have 2 in my son's closet (hidden over on the side... sigh). Those two bags were destined for ebay, but alas, I had the baby, the hormones that created that nesting phase are gone, and so it sits in the closet (not even in the yarn closet - banished to a different closet altogether!). During that same nesting time, I reorganized the yarn in my yarn closet so that they (the wools) were sorted into different bins by guage, and the cottons are also all together in two large bins. The bins are plastic, but they all have holes so they breathe, and I put in little lavender sachets to keep the buggies away. For some reason, I didn't think to do this before, and so I lost some yarn (tears are appropriate here), but it did help in the destashing before the move...

So now we have the yarn closet:

I still tend to put things in front to hide/camoflage exactly how much there is.

The blue boxes up top there are the UFOs, also sorted (kids, scarves, sweaters, socks and/or sweater).

New purchases or inherited yarns (Baby yarn - in the bag on the floor, next to shoes/camoflage - from my mom, who never knit it into second son's blanket) are on top or outside, waiting to be sorted into the bins.

Looking at the pictures, I realize I probably should have cleaned up a bit. Hmmm.

So, this story is really about Daisy. Finished the body. Finished a sleeve. Realize I'm not going to be able to finish second sleeve. Search for yarn online. Think about calling yarn shop where I bought the green Cotton Classic, search online again. Think about getting creative and making it a color block type of sweater, with one sleeve in a different color. Or stripes... stripes are good. Remember late at night, just before I fall asleep, that I had a lot of CC from a yarn-is-on-sale-so-I-have-to-get-it-now purchase from that same yarn shop. Next day, I pull out the large bin on the bottom left (of course it's on the bottom), pop the top, et voila - right on top is one skein of the exact same green. It is a different dye lot, but I hop outside (yes, I hopped), and it doesn't look different to my desperado eyes. Hooray!

Now Daisy is finished; I have her mostly sewn up, and I don't have any buttons. All that stash, and literally no buttons (beyond the spares from shirts and so on). I guess I'll have to go button shopping now...

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