06 March 2007

Remember Bill the cat?


I went out of town for the weekend, and come back to find a whole week+ slipped away from me here... Oy.

A friend just had a little baby girl, so I finally get to knit for a baby - both of my guys grew way too fast, and were in toddler clothes by the time they were 9 months old (or sooner in the little one's case). Another plus - I can do frillies and lace and girl things and little dresses. So much fun!!!

I've already started Anouk. I was going to go for different colors, but then I put the called-for colors together (in cotton - fun, fun, fun), and I was hooked. I'm just a sucker for the bright greens and oranges (C calls it Honda orange, but really, I'll go for any orange). I brought the yarn home and noticed that little man's sweater is in exactly the same shades of green and orange. Huh.

After getting about 1/3 of the way up the front, and making life a little more difficult by trying (and failing) to change the pattern a little, I realized the little 6 pound part-Asian baby is not going to get very big very fast. And this little dress was looking big (for a baby). So I'm also going to start Daisy, using the not yet, but soon to be leftover yarn from Anouk. I love Knitty.

I'm going to get the zipper for the little man's sweater (yes, the green and orange one) and should have that finished this week, if I can get past my procrastinating ways.

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