10 March 2007


When it comes to cooking dinner, I seem to be three on, three off, with one night out for good behavior (read: to save my sanity!!!!). I get three good meals going every week, and then the rest of the time I do a simple simple pasta salad or pasta with sauce from the jar. What will be, will be.

I made the most wonderful dinner last night and then topped it off with red beans and rice today. So tasty, and the babe can, and does, eat everything!! For dinner last night, I made the chicken tagine recipe from this month's Sunset magazine. We made it with rice instead of cous-cous, because it was what was in the pantry. I think my favorite way to have chicken is with apricots and prunes... oh, sorry, dried plums in a marketing change-up. I guess prunes sound like grandma's food (which, by the way, she had with milk every morning for breakfast). Although the little man would be quick to remind me that his favorite is the chicken with garlic confit or the beer-can chicken (2 different recipes). He likes to help cook. Tomorrow we're making Ka-bam Kabobs from his Emeril cookbook since the weather is wonderful and we can barbecue!!!

Still going on Daisy - must finish, must finish.

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